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The Greek Debt: Sins and Misdemeanors in the European Economy
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Ethical questions in matters related to the crisis of the Greek debt and its possible resolution, hinge on the justifiability of collective punishment for the misdeeds of the government. This calls for a close look at the supposed crimes and … Read More

Ferguson is not (just) about race: a primer on the epidemia of police abuse in the United States
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Reflecting the American public’s political imaginary, the media and opinion-makers diagnosis of the Ferguson Grand Jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson, has mostly involved the main category for explaining inequality in the US: race. But the structural problem that … Read More

¡Basta de utilizar la “ética” como un enjuague bucal!
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El mayor problema con el resurgimiento actual de la palabra “ética” en todas las cuestiones políticas, culturales y sociales es que está siendo utilizada como un “enjuague bucal” para disfrazar subrepticiamente las sospechas que surgen cuando los actores políticos o … Read More

Stop using ‘ethics’ as moral mouthwash
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The biggest problem with the current resurgence of the word “ethics” in all things political, cultural and social is that it is being used as mouthwash to thinly disguise the suspicions that are raised when a political or social actor … Read More

Video Archive: Police Abuse in the USA
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Police brutality, misconduct and abuse of authority have reached epidemic proportions in the US. Although change is not possible without the long overdue systemic revamp in the police force, shedding light on these cases of abuse can work both as a deterrent for potential abusers and as a stimulus for the public debate. Here at Kosmopolitica we have created our own video playlist of the cases of police brutality and will be updating it regularly.

Kosmopolitica para el World Economic Forum: Una defenza de la incomodidad | Forum:Blog – Español | The World Economic Forum
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Este es el artículo del Dr.  Martin Gak de Kosmpolitica para el World Economic Forum. Al cerebro le gusta jugar | Forum:Blog – Español | The World Economic Forum.

Mikhail Kalaschnikov, The Ethical Implications of Desgining and the Reach of Responsibility
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In his last days, Kalashnikov, the designer of the famous rifle felt the pangs of moral conscience and wondered in a letter to the head Russian Orthodox Church if whether he was personally responsible for the deaths that the instrument … Read More

Labor Condition in the Bangladeshi Textile Industry
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Brent Goff of the Deutsche Welle interviews Hannan Majid, of the Rainbow Collective, a British documentary director whose work tackles developments in labor conditions in the Bangladeshi garment industry. Better Conditions of Bangladesh Textile Industry ? | Agenda – Talk … Read More

¿Por que la visita del premier japonés al templo de Yasukuni indigna a China?
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El premier Japonés visita al templo de Yasukuni en donde se conmemora a los caídos en la segunda guerra mundial  entre los cuales están listados criminales de guerra Japoneses que perpetraron brutales crimenes de guerra en la invasión de Manchuria. … Read More

Angela’s Loneliness: A slightly different reading of the German Federal Elections
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There is hardly any media organization that has not declared Merkel’s almost 42 percent results in the German elections of 2013 a landslide. This type of hyperbole may well be the product of a type of political journalism used to seeing electoral politics as a sport event in which the voting process is ultimately resolved in an economy of winners and losers. The German electoral system, however, is designed to produce executive and legislative bodies poised to govern by consensus.

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