Ethics for Organizations

We work in three specific areas of organization ethics and responsibility: “Aligning Values and Practices”, “Influencing Attitudes and Changing Habits” and “Understanding Ethical Impact and Managing Moral Dilemmas”. Here you can find a summary of our work in these areas.


Influencing Attitudes and Changing Habits

Our research and consultancy deals extensively with the relation between values and attitudes in the space of the political and the organizational, and we have developed methods and strategies to affect political dispositions and influence attitudes both at organizational and broader social levels. We study and develop tools to help clients construct and disseminate ethical attitudes to influence the mode of participation of their audiences through policy development, impact analysis, evaluation and the realignment of value and practices.

Understanding Ethical Impact and Managing Moral Dilemmas

Decisions and practices are guided by values even if these values are not always evident. The actions and outcomes of their operations have ethical impact and political significance, which are not necessarily resolved by referring to the law. Even legally appropriate actions can be seen as politically unacceptable or unethical. We train organizations to recognize the ethical impact of their policies and practices and to recognize and manage moral dilemmas and ethical conflicts, including the conflict between ethical and legal demands.

Aligning Values and Practices

In these workshops, we show organizations how to map, articulate and realign their implied or expressed values and their actual ways and practices. These tools are very useful in planing and facilitating strategy sessions and incorporating questions of ethics and responsibility. This work is aimed at building the skills to better assess the coherence of their principles and practices and to elaborate strategies to modify them.