Our Background

Kosmopolitica was born from over two decades of experience in academic and practical work on ethics and its relation to social issues, public policy, business development and political practices and campaigns. We are centrally interested in the relation between values and politics and the construction of social, cultural and political identities through the conceptual and visual articulation of values.

Since 1999, the key people behind Kosmopolitica have been teaching, writing and publishing in academic journals, newspapers, magazines and blogs and offering consultation for political groups, businesses, NGOs and artists in matters of ethics and the ethical understanding of social, cultural, political and business practices.

The foundation of our work in ethical consulting is our solid academic background and theoretical work as well as years of experience in applied work. We are not a communications agency. We are, indeed, experts in ethics who have spent close to 15 years teaching and lecturing in universities and colleges, presenting papers in conferences and workshops and doing research, collaborating and publishing works in academic and non-academic journals, newspapers and blogs in the US, Canada, Europe and Latin America.

Our members have worked across a wide range of subjects and countries. Neuroethics and moral philosophy, religious ethics and secularism, ethics in design and architecture, medical and bioethics, financial and business ethics, values and ethics of development, ethics of journalism and public communication, citizen diplomacy and ethics and the law are some of the areas that we have been involved in.

We have offered consultations, training and advice on matters ranging form the application and development of ethical practices in politics and business, concept and idea harvesting for artists, businesses and political actors and content development and communication strategies for presidential and legislative campaigns in Africa, Europe and South America.

We have worked with a wide range of companies applying ethics to develop normative guidelines for their operation, to design strategies to influence attitudes and to improve the practices of workforces and leaders. We have been involved in the conception and construction of various organizations working on human rights, minority rights and civil society, offering advice on matters of ethics and policy to legal experts working in criminal and civil law.